Apartment & Condo Plumbing


Keeping your tenants safe and comfortable

Commercialized condo plumbing is specialized work that only the best of the best in plumbers can complete appropriately, safely, and properly. Our Harris Plumbing team understands the needs of multi-unit apartments and condos, and we can address and repair any condo plumbing issue

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Our Condo Plumbing Services Include


Faucets, shutoffs & supplies, drains, icemaker lines, hose sprayers, and more


Hoses, drains, shutoffs, faucets, dryer vents, pans, and more


Sinks: faucets, drains, shutoffs & supplies; popups; toilets: fill valves, flappers, flush valves, shutoffs & supplies, seat; tub/shower: faucet, drains, shower heads, and spouts

Water Heaters

Connections, valves, and more

Plumbing Service for Apartments & Condos

Keep your tenants happy and secure by working with Harris Plumbing to provide complete plumbing services to your entire apartment or condo building. No matter if you or your tenants face leaky pipes, poor water quality, or sewage issues, we’re here to ease all worries and concerns.

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