Plumbing Services in Newmarket

Harris Plumbing’s professional and experienced plumbers and water system technicians have been providing excellent emergency repair, renovation, and installation plumbing services in Newmarket for more than 40 years. Our plumbers are fully trained, licensed, and insured.

We are on call for all plumbing related emergencies, and high quality plumbing renovations or installations in Newmarket and throughout York Region.

We offer a broad and exceptional range of expert plumbing services that are unmatched, and we always strive to exceed our customers’ needs.

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Our Reliable Team of Newmarket Plumbers Can Handle Any Plumbing Issue

We are experts at repairing all home or business plumbing equipment and related systems in Newmarket. Our service vehicles carry more than 10,000 plumbing parts to ensure we can do the repair on the spot as you need it.

Our Newmarket plumbing services for homes and businesses include:

Some common Newmarket plumbing related problems we respond to include..

  • Clogged sink and bathtub drains. Not only are off the shelf liquid drain clearing products harmful to the environment, they often fail to adequately unclog and wash away whatever organic matter and debris are blocking the outflow of water from homes and workplaces. That’s when Sewer and Drain Video Camera Inspections are needed to diagnose the problem accurately. Drain and Pipe Repairs are sometimes required.
  • Low water pressure. A frustrating dilemma; sludge, debris, and calcium deposits building up in your water intake pipes can affect water pressure in your sink and bathtub faucets or shower head.
  • Backflow prevention. Backflow/cross-connection prevention and control is a must for any residential or commercial property, and any installation, maintenance, or repair work must be performed by a certified plumber as per Newmarket’s municipal bylaws and building codes. A backflow prevention device protects drinking from backflow and other pollutants. Additionally, backflow prevention devices and their automated valves should be inspected annually.
  • Hard water issues. Hard water is rough on your fabrics, your skin, and hair. It also increases your soap and detergent costs. Hard water also leaves mineral deposits that build up and can damage water heaters and pipes. Our water softeners ensure Newmarket enjoys the safest, best tasting water for drinking, bathing, and washing.
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations. Property values are on the climb in Newmarket, and one of the reasons is because homeowners invest in improving and beautifying their homes and properties. We’re often called to assist with Kitchen, bathroom and laundry room renovations.

Financing Assistance When You Need It

Want to make changes to your Newmarket home or is there repair work that needs to be done but you’re concerned about the cost? In addition to resolving your plumbing-related concerns, we can alleviate your budget concerns, too. Get low-cost financing for the work you want to be done through our partnership with TD Financing Services. Take advantage of a fast financing approval, ultralow interest rates, and other benefits.

Our Pledge to You

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee that the services and products we provide in Newmarket are world class, and will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the products and service that our Newmarket plumbers provide the first time, we will refund your money, and finish the job to your satisfaction free of charge.

Our knowledgeable and certified team of Newmarket plumbers can help you streamline your residential or commercial plumbing project, reduce costs, and make recommendations based on your overall vision and your budget. We listen to and partner closely with all of our Newmarket customers to ensure their renovation or restoration projects turn out precisely how they want, only better.

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