Orangeburg Pipe Removal & Replacement

Slow or Gurgling Drains? It may be time to contact a plumber for Orangeburg pipe removal & replacement.

If your home was built previous to the 1970’s, you might have ‘Orangeburg/ no-corrode’ sewer pipe.

Bituminous fibre pipes, aka ‘no-corrode pipes’, aka ‘Orangeburg’ pipes are causing major problems for plumbers, local governments, city officials, and homeowners across Canada.

We have provided peace-of-mind for many residents by replacing their mushy, deteriorating no-corrode Orangeburg pipe thereby preventing serious contamination and sewage backups in the home.

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What you need to know about protecting your home and property from Orangeburg Pipes

During the post-war housing boom in the 1950’s and 1960’s, wood fibre sewer piping was treated with tar and used in millions of homes.

These pipes were intended to last over 50 years and they are failing at an alarming rate! This type of sewer pipe is simply at the end of it’s life span.

Flattening, becoming soggy and allowing tree roots to easily penetrate. This causes sewage backups and contaminated soil – two very costly repairs.

“They may have been marketing as ‘no-corrode’ – but they certainly do not live up to their name! “

Signs You May Have No-Corrode Orangeburg Piping

If your home was built before 1970, odds are you may be living on top of Orangeburg piping. However, the only way to know for sure is to have a trained plumber inspect and assess your plumbing system.

Additional signs to look out for that may indicate no-corrode Orangeburg piping include:

  • Slow draining
  • Foul smell
  • Mould
  • Toilet backups
  • Sinkholes in your yard

Example of damaged Orangeburg pipe removal & replacement

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Solving Orangeburg Pipe Issues

If a plumber determines that you do in fact have Orangeburg pipes, it is critical that the pipe is dug out, removed, and replaced as soon as possible – to prevent further damage and expense!

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Identifying Orangeburg Pipes

There are a number of indicators that the plumbers at Harris Plumbing can look for to determine if your pipes are no-corrode pipes. Through a high-tech video inspection, we’ll look for signs of cracking, corroding, bubbling, blistering, and pipes that have taken an oval shape. It is advisable to remove any no-corrode pipe as soon as possible to prevent sewage from entering the ground and contaminating the soil. Any contaminated soil would also have to be removed, increasing the cost to the home-owner.

Orangeburg pipes are also identified by their black colour.

Your Trusted Harris Plumbing Plumbers Are To The Rescue

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