Tree Root Removals

Preventing, addressing, and removing tree root invasion issues

Tree roots gradually spread out over time. In some cases, when there are pipes near these roots, the pressure from the movement of soil can force a break in the pipe. This, in turn, can cause unfortunate plumbing issues for your property.

Solving Tree Root Issues

Harris Plumbing has the necessary equipment to complete a tree root removal operation. We will inspect pipelines with a small video-camera system to pinpoint the exact location of the break and the degree of penetration. The analysis may lead to a water jet cleaning of the line and cutting the roots piece by piece. We will provide you with a quote for a full sectional replacement if needed.

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Tree roots invading your sewer lines can cause tremendous damage to your home. If you notice any change in your home drains or backups in the basement, let us determine the cause. We’ll recommend a course of action and quickly get you back to normal.

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