Garburator Removals

Go green with a garbarator removal

Love them or hate them, garburators are electrically powered devices that are installed under sinks to shred food waste into small pieces that will pass through plumbing lines.

The Truth About Garburators

If you have or are thinking about installing a garburator, we suggest first being thorough in your research.

As “green-screened plumbers,” our position is that garburators do more harm to our ecosystem than good. They use up perfectly good water, introduce organic waste into the service systems which can cause clogged service lines, and they use unnecessary electricity.

In addition, if food waste ends up in the lake it can cause high nitrogen level problems, which is why garbarators are banned in some areas.

Go Green with Harris Plumbing Garburator Removal

To eliminate your use of a garburator, buy yourself a backyard composter or use your green bin and let our professional plumbers safely remove your garburator for good.

At Harris Plumbing, we’ve got the right training and tools to remove your garburator. Call us today to learn more.

*Please note that it is extremely dangerous to remove your garburator yourself. You should always call a trained garburtaor removal technician or plumber – who can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.