Gas & Electric Tank Water Heaters

Eliminate Cold Showers With A New Gas Water Heater or Electric Gas Water Heater

You’re ready to take a nice warm shower and the water coming out of your showerhead just wont heat up. Unfortunately, many of us have been there. It’s cold, inconvenient, annoying, and puts a damper on your day.

At Harris Plumbing, we put an end to cold-water surprises by providing gas water heaters and electric gas water heaters to residential and commercial properties. To do this, we expertly install high efficiency, high-quality, professional grade water heaters, high-quality systems, and solutions for each of our valued clients. If your existing water heater just needs maintenance or repairs, we have the knowledge and tools to  determine what the issue is and get you back on track with hot water when you need it.

In addition to our in-house warranty, our Energy Star technology will save you money on water and power – just ask us how!

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What You Need To Know

If you’re thinking about installing a new gas water heater or electric water heater, here’s what you need to know:

Do Financing Research

If desired, do your research and identify if water heater financing is available to you. Talk to us.  At Harris Plumbing, we offer easy, fast financing through Financeit, Canada’s primary home improvement financing partner and will only install the recommend the best water heater solution for your family.

Hire A Professional Installer

Replacing your own hot water tank is NOT a DIY project. Entrust your new water heater installation to professional plumbers who are fully licensed, insured and trained to do the job safely, promptly, and correctly. Make sure they will be available to you, at your convenience, for necessary maintenance and repairs.

Keep Up With Maintenance

It is critical to have your hot water tank inspected annually for rust and leaks. If your water tank is over ten years old, it’s best to consult a professional plumber to replace it. If you notice rust on your tank, it cannot be repaired. It should be replaced asap as it could be rusting right through.

Under Harris Plumbing new-tank warranty, we’ll contact you each year to arrange your appointment for us to visually inspect your tank. We will advise if a full flush is recommended to ensure optimum efficiency and performance annually. (Some tanks we see have 1-2 feet of sediment inside! That doesn’t leave much room for hot water…)

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How Harris Plumbing Can Help

We’re always available to install and inspect your gas and electric tank water heaters.

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