Sewer & Drain Video Camera Inspections

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Many external factors can lead to faulty drainage and sewer issue, such as tree roots pushing their way through the sewer or main pipeline. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to contact a highly skilled, licensed plumber for sewer and septic sump pumping, drain or pipe replacements, tree root removal, or measures for backflow prevention.

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Video Camera Inspections

Luckily, new technology has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of sewer line inspection and replacement. Video camera inspections allow plumbers to send a camera into a pipeline and to visually determine where and what types of issues a customer is facing.

This is especially beneficial, as plumbers no longer have to dig up an entire yard to solve some plumbing issues – creating less of a mess and hassle for property owners. Some problems, once identified by a video inspection, are spot-specific and an entire line doesn’t have to be replaced. Other times, an entire line can be compromised and a video inspection will properly identify what course of action should be recommended to the homeowner to properly and permanently correct the issue.

Video camera inspections can detect:
  • Clogging
  • Deterioration and corrosion
  • Pipe bursts and cracks
  • Root intrusion, etc.

Clogged Drain Prevention

At Harris Plumbing, we suggest that all homeowners take precautions against backflows – starting with your kitchen sink. Our advice is to clean your kitchen sink every day to and always keep a plunger handy to avoid prolonged clogging in toilets and drains.

How Harris Can Help

If you experience sewage backups in your basement or slow toilets and drains, you may have broken or misaligned sewer pipes outside. The only way to tell for sure is to camera inspect the system.

We can diagnose the problem quickly and recommend the appropriate solution. Once approved, we’ll quickly repair your problem and we warranty all our work.

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