A Newmarket Emergency Plumber Can Repair Winter-Related Burst Pipes

Minimise the Risk of Burst Pipes during Your Winter Vacation

Although insulating your home, pipes, and lagging water tanks go a long way to alleviating the risk of pipes bursting, there are no guarantees. A Newmarket emergency plumber will spend much of his winter workday attending emergency call-outs. Dealing with burst pipes, ruined property and damaged machinery in both domestic and industrial properties.

Ice dripping from a pipe
Many of these call-outs are to empty premises. If you intend to leave your home to visit friends or family for weekend breaks; or plan to take a week or two’s winter vacation seeking out some winter sunshine, there are additional precautions which should be taken.

Long Weekend Breaks

Before leaving for any break, have a good read through your house and contents insurance policy to ensure there is nothing specific which may invalidate any damages claim.

Unless you’re in the grip of a major freeze, and who wants to go out in those conditions, then a few simple precautions should be enough to avoid any catastrophe while away for a few days.

Do NOT switch power off. Leave your heating on, but turn it down a few degrees. If your house is well insulated, including ceilings and roof space (loft), open your loft door so the heat can reach the roof. This is especially important if you have water tanks in the roof space. Once the house is locked up, doors and windows closed and locked, the heat will ensure against freezing pipes, even if the temperature plummets the day after you’ve left.

Away on Vacation

If your home is going to be empty for weeks, then different arrangements need to be made.

Shut off your water at the incoming mains supply. The stopcock, or water main shutoff, may be outside under a small manhole cover or inside your home where your water enters your home – ensure you know where this is in case of an emergency.

Open all taps both upstairs and downstairs to drain the water and leave them open. Flush all toilets. Pull the wall plug on the water heater or make sure the gas is off if gas heated. Drain the water tank. Most have a drain valve.

If you haven’t done it before, now is a good time to contact Barrie drain contractors, and ask them to check and jet through your main drain pipework to avoid any possible sewage blockage backing up through the loos.

Add a little non-toxic anti-freeze to the toilet bowls and the sinks, where water may lay in the U bends.

Finally, while away for lengthy periods, ask a trusted friend if they can keep an eye on things. Contact the local police, let them know how long you’re away, and provide them with an emergency number should they need to contact you.


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