Barrie Drain Contractors Reveal Common Costly DIY De-Clogging Slip-Ups

What’s a good way to save money when your drains get clogged? The immediate answer for many would be to fix the problem yourself. Simply search for some tutorial videos online and you’re good to go. The problem, however, is that those tutorials are done by experts or seasoned homeowners who have long been into DIY projects. It’s a risk to take for the unexperienced. There’s a very good chance a DIY mistake could result to an even bigger damage, which would cost even more than what an experienced Newmarket emergency plumber would have charged.

Plumber works under a sink

One of the most common mistakes Canadian homeowners do when trying to de-clog their drains is pouring caustic chemical cleaners down the pipes.  A potent-enough cleaner may clear the pipes, but the clog is never completely gone. The cleaner merely breaks it down into smaller pieces, which travel more smoothly through the pipe, then join the rest of the debris at the bottom.  A good example of this is grease clogs which, according to Business Insider, are simply washed into the sewers where they form massive blocks that plumbers call “fatbergs”.

It is also important to note that if the clog is hard to dissolve, the chemical will find its way down by eating away at the piping walls, adversely affecting its structural integrity. In addition, it may also reach the water basin through a leakage, and contaminate the home’s water supply.

When the chemical drain effort ends up futile, some homeowners may start meddling with the piping, believing regular handyman tools, and some twisting and turning would easily solve the problem. The situation could escalate when some pipes need to be changed, and the DIY plumber replaces them with just about any other pipe that fits without considering the difference in the materials. Using incompatible materials without the right connector presents a prime risk for corrosion.

The main issue with de-clogging is locating the clog. Taking chances with chemical cleaners or dismantling the piping could just lead to more serious issues. Skilled Barrie drain contractors, such as those from Harris Plumbing, should be called, instead. These professionals have the necessary equipment, tools, and knowledge of the Canadian residential piping systems. In many cases, the services of these experts prove to be much cheaper, especially in the long run, compared to the most earnest DIY efforts.

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