Barrie Plumbers: What to Do When Your Hot Water System Breaks Down


A nice, hot shower in the morning is a great way to start the day. Still, there will be times when your hot water system fails at what it’s supposed to do. So what happens when you find yourself with no hot water during a cold winter day? Will you need to replace the entire system? If you were to do so, what type of hot water system will be best? Should you just replace your broken hot water system with something similar?


A professional Aurora or Barrie plumber is the best person to talk to about your hot water system options. Professional plumbers can accurately integrate important considerations—like eco-friendliness and money-saving capabilities—into the hot water system selection process. By consulting the right plumber, you’ll be able to save a serious amount of money in the long run. That being said, here are the pros and cons for each hot water option to help you make a more informed purchase.



Storage Tank Heaters


Storage tank heaters are generally steel cylinders fed by a cold-water inlet pipe. Water is heated inside the tank, after which the heated water will flow from a hot water pipe that sits on top of the tank and distributed throughout the household. Gas-powered tank heaters cost more than electrics, but in terms of energy costs, a gas-powered heater will cost less to run than a similar-sized electric model. The main downside of storage tank heaters is that they take up a large amount of space.


Tankless Heaters


As the name suggests, tankless heaters can operate without the use of bulky tanks, so their main benefit is their space-saving capabilities. In addition, whether gas or electricity powered, tankless heaters minimize energy loss and eliminate the risk of tank failure; however, they are expensive to buy and install, and their heat exchangers have the tendency to clog.


So which one should you choose?


You can do some research online about the hot water systems you’re considering. Try to see what other homeowners say about your favourite options. Online reviews are a great and practical way to learn about a product because if one doesn’t perform very well, people will be talking about it. You can then use the information you gather to make better choices for your hot water system.


Your choice of plumber is a critical factor.


Hot water systems, like any electrical equipment, need to be installed and maintained regularly by reliable Barrie or capable Aurora plumbers from companies like Harris Plumbing Inc. In the hands of a great plumber, you can maximize your hot water system’s benefits, thereby ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


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