Before the Newmarket Emergency Plumber: First Aid to Leaky Plumbing

Whether you live in Barrie, Newmarket, or anywhere else in Ontario, chances are, you aren’t exempted from plumbing troubles. As a matter of fact, problems like leaking pipes or toilets could strike just about any home, regardless of how well-maintained they may be. When you experience leaks in your pipes or plumbing fixtures, your best recourse would have to be hiring a reliable Newmarket emergency plumber, but before they can get to your house, there are a few ‘first-aid’ tricks you can try to keep the leak from taking a huge toll on your water bill as well as your home’s structural integrity.

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Small Leaks

A good way to take care of small leaks is to plug up the hole so it doesn’t let out any more water. Try placing a wooden pencil point into the leak by sticking it in until it won’t go in any further, then break off the pencil, leaving the pencil as plug in the hole. Finally, wrap the pipe with electrician’s tape for good measure.

Shut Off

Unless someone’s still using the shower or the toilet, hurry to the main water supply line and shut it off as soon as you notice the leak. If the leaky pipe is a fixture like a bathroom sink, there could be a localised shutoff valve that you can use so you won’t have to completely cut the water supply into your house.


Here are some tips from a blog post in the Choice Home Warranty website on troubleshooting a leaky faucet:

Fix your leaky faucet by turning off your water supply, taking your faucet handle off the stem, and inspecting the o-ring and washer inside the valve seat. Replace the washer and reassemble your faucet, then turn on the water and test to see if you’ve cleared the leak. If you still have a drip, call in a professional plumber who may diagnose corrosion in your valve seat, worn out seals, or loose parts.

Epoxy Putty

If you have the time and the know-how, you can also use efficient epoxy putty to plug up the leak, even if it’s just temporary. After turning off the water supply, wipe off any residual water, rub sandpaper around the affected area of the pipe, and finally, apply a patch of epoxy paste and let it dry.

Keep in mind that these tips are meant to serve only as makeshift means of plugging up or stopping leaks so you won’t have to waste an excessive amount of water. This is in no way meant to replace the more efficient services of a skilled and trusted Newmarket or Barrie emergency plumber like one from Harris Plumbing Inc.

(Source: Homeowner Survival Skills: Your First Aid Kit for Minor Emergencies, Choice Home Warranty)