Newmarket Emergency Plumber Explains Common Cottage Plumbing Accidents

Who wouldn’t want to marvel at the outdoors of Canada?

The Great White North takes pride as a forefront country that capitalizes on “green goals”, which make its environment a perfect setting for cottages. And although the Canadian summers are short, they are stunning – and cottagers want to enjoy as much sun (and fun) as they can.

Dedicated to providing all of our cottage country customers with the resources they need when their cottage plumbing goes awry and disrupts their vacation, this article explores tips and tricks to ensure cottages continue to function properly.

Newmarket Emergency Plumber Explains Common Cottage Plumbing Accidents

Cottage Plumbing Issues

The reality is, cottage plumbing systems can break down and fail. While disruptive and annoying, knowing how to act in these situations, and how to prevent these situations, will help to get you back enjoying your “home away from home” as quickly as possible. 

Below are just a few common cottage plumbing issues to look out for:

Defective Toilet Flushes

Cottage owners may experience running toilets and flush leaks, which can be embarrassing especially around guests. Flush parts, like the fill valve and flapper, usually cause these problems.

Should you experience any issues with a defective toilet, call a plumber for advice or service to ensure that you are not wasting a lot of water in the endless pouring or leakage.

Cottage owners may experience running toilets and flush leaks

Troublesome Drains

Water may back up in the drains of your sinks, tubs, and shower floors. This can be due to major clogs or pipe line defects that can prove overwhelming and gross.

Aside from floods or pools of water, problematic drains can also cause unsanitary consequences like odours and contaminated water. To prevent and stop these issues before they get worse, call a plumber immediately upon detection.

Low Water Pressure

Faucets and shower heads that only drip and trickle, as well as insufficient flush waters, generally signify low water pressure in cottage areas. In these cases, the water pump may not be working well, or the pipe system from the water reservoir may have been disrupted.

Despite regular plumbing maintenance, these and more plumbing nightmares can happen and cause too much discomfort. Your prompt Muskoka contractors, such as the professionals from Harris Plumbing, can immediately diagnose and fix the issues at hand.

Your Cottage Plumbing Professionals

As emergency cottage plumbers, our Harris Plumbing team can respond quickly to restore your plumbing system at the earliest possible time for your convenience – around Muskoka and beyond.

We understand the specific needs of cottage plumbing systems, and we work hard so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer property. 

For more information, please visit our Cottage Service page or contact us today. 

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