Plumbers in Richmond Hill Will Stop Your Garage Floor Drain’s Hiccups

Your garage will have its fair share of plumbing issues, particularly in relation to the floor drain. The various liquids and particulate matter that go down the garage floor drain, after all, may contribute to some clogging down the line. When that happens, you will need a team of highly trained plumbers from a company such as Harris Plumbing in Richmond Hill to break the impasse.

Plumbers in Richmond Hill Will Stop Your Garage Floor Drain’s Hiccups

The Principle

Garage floors are not necessarily flat and are built with a slight gradient to aid the flow of water toward the drain grill itself. The grill will have some screws that attach it to the main frame, which has a cleanout plug underneath. The problem is that the garage drain is also connected to the house’s main sewage line, like any other drainage conduit in the house. This heightens the risk of introducing methane gases unless the cleanout plug is replaced properly after the cleaning job is done.

The Law

Your local council may be very stringent when it comes to regulating what gets dumped down plumbing drains. Trust your plumbing team to educate you on these regulations. This way, you can prevent potentially problematic material from ever reaching your garage floor drains.

Getting Down

Some plumbing crews, like those from Harris Plumbing, undertake manual solutions to identify and force open any blockages. The work involves sending special directional cameras down the drain conduit to see whether there are any blockages that will have to be broken through using plumbing snakes. Your plumbing team may also use hydro jets that blast high-pressure streams of hot water to break down the clog and help water flow more freely. The stream from the hydro jet will dislodge any substances that went down the garage floor drain but are stuck to the pipe lining. Other drainage connections may also require the same treatment.

Every drainpipe in the house, including that of the garage, must remain clear to better direct any wastewater or refuse away from the property. Let a drain cleaning professional take care of these concerns for you. Why not schedule an inspection today?