Plumbing Ontario: Equipment Upgrades Increase the Value of Homes

Renovating a room need not have to be big. Sometimes, all it takes to change the look is a change of fixtures or flooring, or a repainting to brighten up the mood in an otherwise drab space. Plumbing upgrades, for instance, add value to a home, according to Scott McGillivray, a television personality. In an article on Plumbing and HVAC, McGillivray explains how plumbing upgrades can boost a home’s worth, marking plumbing improvements in the kitchen and bathroom a part of his five most important home renovations.

Adding Value


“Nobody wants to do a renovation that is going to depreciate the value of their home. Some people do,” he remarked, noting that homeowners should get an appraisal done before and after the renovations to make sure they are on the right track.


McGillivray, the 34-year-old host of HGTV series Income Property, was speaking at a media day sponsored by Moen Canada in Toronto April 15.


Faucets and fixtures place fourth on McGillivray’s list partly because a homeowner can add significant value at relatively little cost. And “it’s something that people touch (when they are looking at a home),” he noted. “A place can look good, but if a faucet is old, rusty and loose, it makes the entire home look run down.”

Bathroom Renovation

The most simple step that homeowners can do to enhance their bathroom is by simply replacing old faucets. Faucets don’t need to be fancy or complicated, but they should be functional and accessible. These fixtures can be upgraded by opting for popular finishes, such as polished brass, stainless steel, or oil-rubbed bronze. The look can also be enhanced by having separate handles for the hot and cold water. These upgrades will look best when consistent with fixtures in showers and bathtubs.

McGillivray also suggested that adding an extra bathroom or replacing tired-looking sinks and faucets in the house, improves a home’s resale value. Existing bathrooms can be made to shine again by replacing tiles or perfecting lighting for mood illumination.

Energy conservation consultants advise homeowners that upgrading plumbing equipment can lead to lower utility bills, allowing them to cut their expenses. Although the initial cost of the upgrades may be costly, over the long haul, the savings from the fixtures’ longer service would still benefit homeowners.

It is still advisable to hire a professional plumbing company, such as Harris Plumbing, to ensure precise installation, as faulty fittings can only cause unnecessary damages that will add to repair costs.

Homeowners who wish to have their plumbing equipment upgraded should consult with trusted plumbers to ensure that the new installations would boost the value of their home, instead of depreciating it.

(Source: Adding Value, Newcom Business Media Inc., June 11, 2014)