Septic & Sewer Lines

Preventing and identifying septic and sewer line issues

If you’re facing any sewer and septic drain line problems, we’re here to solve them before they get worse. Simply give us a call and our plumbers will be there as soon as we can.

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What is septic and sewage water?

Septic and sewage water comes from homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. This waste flows through pipes attached to sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, and runs underground into the sewer system – where it is eventually processed through a treatment plant.

How do sewage and septic line issues arise?

Over time, and as seasons change, everything moves – including water and sewer lines under the ground. This shift can cause your water systems to become gunked-up with grease, hair, and other things that perhaps shouldn’t be there at all – like toys and even cell phones!

Common Sewer Issues

Most sewer lines can function for years without any cause for concern. However, when a sewer problem does arise, the situation can be overwhelming, gross, and extremely inconvenient.

You may have a sewer line issue if you notice:

  • Multiple fixtures in your home are not draining properly
  • There’s strange kickback in your bathtub, sink, or toilet
  • Your drains are slow, gurgle, or smell badly
  • You notice sewer backup in your basement, lawn, or driveway
  • Your house was built before 1970 and your line is Orangeburg pipe and has deteriorated
  • You have large trees in your front yard and its roots have invaded your sewer line

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If your drains are sluggish and slow, our Harris Plumbing plumbers and drain-cleaning specialists can diagnose your issue and completely correct it.  We offer several methods of septic and sewer line repair or replacement depending on the verified cause of your issue. Servicing Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka, Huntsville, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Keswick, and beyond – we’re there when you need us.

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