6 Signs You Need A Sewer Replacement

Emptying septic tank, cleaning the sewers

Sewer issues can be caused by many different factors, including root invasion, pipe corrosion, and improperly discarded waste. Gross to clean up, and overwhelming to manage, these issues can disrupt your lawn, your home, your bank account, and your life. That’s why we’ve prepared the following list of signs that you may need a sewer replacement – as the sooner you detect a problem, the less damage and disruption you’ll face.

  1. Slow Draining: If you notice that your sinks and drains are draining slowly or are gurgling, you may need to have your plumbing inspected and serviced by a registered plumber. 
  2. Foundational Cracks: Deteriorating sewer pipes can cause foundational damages to your home. In the worse cases, broken pipes can cause sinkholes to develop. If you begin to notice cracks in your walls, leaks, and settlement issues, you are likely experiencing sewer issues that require immediate attention and replacement.
  3. Moulding: Moulding can be a tell-tale sign that your home is being impacted by leaking sewage lines that live behind your walls. In addition to toxic mould, sewage water will cause your home to smell and become unfit to live in. If you detect any mould in your home, be sure to contact the professionals immediately.
  4. Rodent & Insect Issues: Have you noticed rats, cockroaches, or sewer flies on your property? If you answered yes, you are likely facing a break in your sewer line. Rats can squeeze through small openings in your sewer and carry life-threating diseases such as the plague. Insects can also cause health issues as their feces carry allergens.
  5. Septic Waste In Your Yard: If you find septic waste in your yard, there’s no question – you have a plumbing issue on your hands. If you notice pools in your lawn, it is critical that you contact plumbers before the issue becomes even more complex. Cracked pipelines, clogged drains, or a broken septic tank are all reasons you may be experiencing this issue.
  6. Sewage Backup: One of the most obvious signs you may have a plumbing issue is if you see sewer backup in your toilets and bathtubs. This backup can be caused by disconnected pipes, ground shifts, and other complex issues.

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The Plumbers You Can Count On

Whether you need main sewer line repair and replacement or need to have your pipes cleaned, you should always consult a certified plumber or sewer specialist to address and solve your sewer line issues. At Harris Plumbing, our highly trained and courteous team consists of the best technicians and plumbers in York Region and Simcoe County. Call us today!

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