Toilet Repair & Replacement

Understanding the value of a high-quality toilet system

Did you know that close to half of the water in a home is used for toilets and showers? If your toilet was manufactured before 1993, it uses between 13 and 30 litres per flush (lpf). Newer high-efficiency models use 5.5 lpf or less.

Today’s low-flush toilets save you money – period. We can professionally install your toilet to ensure you don’t run into any inconvenient plumbing issues. However, should a problem arise, we’ll be there to help you out.

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The Benefits of a High-Quality Toilet

High-quality toilets are larger, offer better flushing design, and leverage mechanisms to ensure efficiency. At Harris Plumbing, we always recommend TOTO toilets for total reliability, comfort, and style.

Low-quality products simply don’t have the technology or ability to flush reliably with less water, and they WILL let you down. You can work around this and conserve water in the short term by filling a 2-litre bottle with pebbles or sand and placing it in the toilet tank. This technique displaces some of the water, saving you up to two litres per flush. Another way to save water is by not using the toilet as a trash can.

Low-flush Toilets

Traditional toilets can use as much as 30 litres of water per flush. Low-flush options, meanwhile, use only six litres per flush, which is actually a sufficient amount for them to perform their function.

Dual-flush Toilets

Dual-flush toilets are effective in reducing water consumption in households because of their flushing flexibility. A dual-flush toilet has two functions: one is to flush liquid waste, and the other to flush solid waste. The first typically uses only 3 litres of water per flush, while the second uses 6 litres per flush.

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