Toilet Backup? Have a Newmarket Emergency Plumber Fix it Right Away

A backed-up toilet is more than just a simple inconvenience: it’s highly unsanitary, and the filth it spews forth may even make the bathroom itself unusable for an amount of time. If you ever experience a backed-up toilet at home, prompt action is critical in putting the situation under control. Backed-up toilets can be caused by a lot of different factors.

Man using a plunger to unclog a toilet.

Here are some probable toilet backup causes that a local emergency plumber from Newmarket usually has to face:

  • Blocked Vents

Drainage systems need air in special plumbing vents in order to facilitate continuous water flow. If these vents are blocked, they can effectively put water flow in a stranglehold—just think of yourself holding a finger over one end of a straw filled with water, and notice how the fluid wouldn’t budge. That’s the same exact principle in application here. Leaves, ice, or even birds can block the main vent openings, and so must be cleared away immediately.

  • Clogged Leach Lines

A septic tank which underwent inspection by a qualified professional should’ve had its leach lines checked out for clogs. If blockages aren’t cleared, liquid waste will inevitably back up in the tank instead of drain to the ground. Flushing down items like plastic or even tissue paper can clog up leach lines easily. In addition, chemicals which kill bacteria can cause slower sludge decomposition, which then results into a septic tank overflow. A qualified plumber from local Newmarket drain contractors such as Harris Plumbing, Inc., which primarily serves the Newmarket area, can help by pumping out the septic tank and clearing away the debris.

  • Tree Roots

A tree root infestation is imminent if you’ve been clearing a clogged toilet using a plunger or an auger to no avail. Tree roots actively search for any water source nearby, so it’s natural for them to invade water and sewage pipes while looking for nutrition. A trained pro can easily track these roots down them cut them to prevent them from obstructing water and sludge flow down the line.

  • Stuff Which Isn’t Meant To Be Flushed

It’s quite easy for you to know which to flush and not flush, although sometimes, this little basic fact still gets overlooked. For instance, hair can cause major issues since they can get snagged onto pipe joints and entrap solid objects on their way down. Small children can also inadvertently flush down toys which can easily get lodged into the line, no matter how small the items are.


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