Harris Plumbing Plumbers can Help Eliminate Clogs in Drainage Systems

The main intake pipe of a water treatment facility in Ontario froze, causing a clog that limited the facility’s water supply, as reported in The Peterborough Examiner. The water supply steadily decreased until it was completely cut off. Fortunately, the problem was resolved quickly.

Don't take water for granted, Peterborough Examiner, Mar. 10, 2014
Like the facility’s pipe, the pipes within a home’s plumbing system can also be vulnerable to clogs. The water supply may not be the main problem in the house, though, but instead, it would be clogged drainage systems. To prevent or resolve this, you’ll need the services of Harris Plumbing.

In the coming months, ice may not be much of an issue because temperatures are getting warmer as spring arrives and the summer is set to follow suit. However, ice isn’t the only cause of clogs.

Common Causes of Clogs

Ontarians will be experiencing rain showers as the spring brings rains in most of Ontario. Rains can carry leaves and other objects that may block drains outside the house. When that happens, it can lead to flooding inside the home and property damage.

Tree roots can also invade and cause problems in the sewer lines. When not removed immediately, they can lead to severe damages.

Inside the home, there are other things that can cause clogs. Grease may accumulate inside the drainage as fatty substances are washed down in the sinks. They can build up to a point where any liquid cannot pass through anymore.

Hair can also build up in the drainage, usually in the bathroom. If not cleared in a timely manner, it can cause a blockage making it hard for liquid to pass through.

The toilet drainage can get blocked by other foreign objects. Children, especially, are prone to accidentally dropping various objects like toys in the toilet bowl, and then just flushing it. Same goes for soap bars, sanitary items, and even whole rolls of toilet paper.

What can be done?

Of course, prevention is always better. It would be a big help to be careful of what you wash in the sinks. You should also make sure what is flushed down the toilet are just the things meant to be flushed down there. Supervising your children is an important part of this.

If clogs and other problems have already occurred, companies like Harris Plumbing Inc. provide different solutions for plumbing problems, including tree root removal, video camera inspection, and hydro-scrub.

(Source: Don’t take water for granted, Peterborough Examiner, Mar. 10, 2014)