Tips from Newmarket Emergency Plumber: Stop These Bad Plumbing Habits

A professional Newmarket emergency plumber would tell you that some of the most troubling plumbing emergencies result from common mistakes and bad practices. Normally, your entire plumbing could take care of itself just fine, but the way you maintain your pipes really has a huge impact. You can easily avoid throwing your money down the drain with unnecessary repairs and replacements by stopping these bad plumbing habits.

Man using a plunger to unclog a toilet

Flushing Stuff Down the Toilet

If there’s one emergency you don’t ever want to encounter, it’s clogged and overflowing toilets. Just thinking about trying to scoop up all the gunk that comes blasting its way out of your toilet should be enough to keep you from flushing down things that don’t belong in the sewers. Keep toilet paper, sanitary pads and other sorts of clog-inducing items where they belong – in the trash bins. Also watch out if your kids think that it would be a good bit of fun to flush toys down the toilet; when such items get stuck in the toilet, the entire toilet has to be removed to retrieve them since it would be worse if they make it to the waste line.

Throwing Inappropriate Items in the Garbage Disposal

Perhaps the term “garbage disposal” is a misnomer as it is not actually meant to be a place for you to throw all your trash. While most small and biodegradable items are suitable to be thrown down the disposal, most homeowners make the mistake of putting in bones, shells and huge chunks of items that would rather belong in a compost pit. The blades in the garbage disposal can only take so much and when they give out, you’d have an emergency in your hands that would require services from a qualified Barrie emergency plumber.

Using Fixtures to Hang Toiletries

Owners of small bathrooms often try to make the best of what they have. They hang racks with all the products they need for their morning routine on showerheads. While that can be really convenient for you, the same cannot be said for your bathroom fixtures. Showerheads are not meant to carry the extra weight of bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Over time, this can weaken the fixture and even break off the showerhead, leaving your bathroom a wet mess and your pockets empty with high water bills and repair costs.

Steering clear of these bad plumbing habits can really save you a lot, but for other plumbing emergencies, be sure to trust only the professionals from established companies like Harris Plumbing, Inc.


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