Why Drain Cleaning in Aurora and Other Plumbing Services Remain Vital

A typical Aurora drain cleaning professional’s job involves constant listening to a variety of reasons people give as to why drains get clogged and entire plumbing systems fail. This abundance of causes essentially makes plumbing as stable a career as any other vocation, with Networx.com writer Philip Schmidt remarking:

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If you’re looking for a career change and want something with rock-solid security, you might consider becoming a plumber who makes house calls. This advice is based on two truths: 1) people will always need plumbing—or more specifically, plumbing that works—and, 2) people will always do stupid things that stop their plumbing from working.

What Schmidt refers to as the “stupid” things people do that ruin their plumbing are deeds that are perfectly avoidable, yet still prevalent enough to make plumbers scratch their heads in unison. Here are some of them.

Throwing virtually everything down the sink – Trash bins exist for a single reason and nothing more, and the sink isn’t a worthy alternative—not now, not ever. Having a built-in garbage disposal into the line isn’t an excuse for this bad habit either, as things like food chunks or hair would most definitely still pave the way for massive clogging.

Using too much drain cleaner – Local Aurora drain cleaning service providers such as Harris Plumbing, Inc. would always advise against this deed, and for good reason. Drain cleaners are scientifically formulated to clear out even the toughest of clogs, but their chemicals aren’t friendly to certain types of pipes and plumbing fixtures. In some instances, they can even make a clog worse, so it is best to proceed with caution, or simply entrust the drain unclogging task to professionals.

Leaving hoses connected to faucets during winter – This practice is considered by many plumbers as one that borders on the line of pure laziness, especially when there’s a lawn that needs regular watering come spring and summer. It wouldn’t make much of difference in summer, but winter time is an entirely different story. The freezing temperatures could turn the water into ice, leading to burst pipes, a big mess, and sizeable repair bills.

Combining different types of metals – Plumbing systems are made to be compatible with specific types of fixtures, just as blood types need to match their recipients. For instance, joining steel and copper pipes can leads to a galvanic action that speeds up corrosion and leads to burst pipes in the long run.

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