Why You Need Professional Cottage Plumbing Services to Ensure Safe Drinking Water

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Are you a resident of Newmarket or Aurora or anywhere in the GTA who is in need of water quality cottage plumbing services in Muskoka, Tiny or Simcoe County?

When surrounded by the magnificent Canadian outdoors in springtime, the last thing your family needs is to find that the water quality in your Muskoka cottage has deteriorated over winter—or even worse, to find out about it only when you’ve already fallen sick. However, water quality issues happen, and this article will help you to identify and fix these unfortunate issues:

What’s In Your Cottage Water Systems?

Health Canada warns that unused cottage water systems can contain a variety of not-so-welcome visitors. And as it’s been left alone for so long, there is a tendency for your cottage water to instead become a breeding ground for various waterborne bacteria. Your cottage water can also contain:

  • Living organisms
  • Sediment
  • Iron (hard water)

Plumbing Tips from Harris Plumbing For Opening & Closing Your Cottage Up North

How Might My Cottage Water Deteriorate?

For example, if your cottage has been visited by wildlife over the winter, or there are flaws in the sewer system, there may be a risk of a ‘vomiting bug’ infiltrating the water system through fecal waste. Among these would be e-coli, as well as several other germs that could make you and your family very ill.

Legionella, on the other hand, flourishes in cottage water systems and can cause even more serious problems for people with asthma or lung disease. Some of these nasty bugs are hugely infectious; meaning a tiny bit of contamination could make for a very miserable week at the lake.

Why You Need Professional Cottage Plumbers

The good news is that Harris Plumbing specializes in cottage plumbing and can help you deal with any issues – by offering a variety of cottage plumbing services aimed at preventing and remedying plumbing concerns.

These professionals can ensure that you and your family’s health is kept secure through methods that adhere to Health Canada’s prescription of “a multi-barrier approach, including…optimized treatment barriers, and a well-maintained distribution system”.

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Going Beyond Water Quality

Of course, it’s not just about water quality. After all this, you’d probably like to make sure your washroom facilities are in good condition when you arrive, too. Plumbing systems, after all, do tend to be connected to each other, so you should make sure that everything remains in tiptop shape.

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