A Plumber Can Help Residents’ Health by Installing a Water Softener

Water is essential in daily life, and almost every consumable item you know of will have water as part of its production process. However, the water you see at several locations is not as crystal clear as you see in the ads due to the presence of certain substances that murk the fluid to a degree. If you’re living in a multi-family apartment complex, for example, the problem of contamination may prove to be complicated, thus requiring an adequate water softening solution.

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Hardened or soft water is already a big problem for residents of Barrie, ON. Some studies have revealed that the hardness of the water in the southern areas are pegged from eight to 9.5 grains per gallon (GPG) while the northern sectors’ water hardness is estimated at a dangerous 21 GPG. When you consider that such contamination can affect your health in the future, prevent that with the help of a highly skilled, licensed plumber who can provide and professionally install superior quality, highly efficient water softeners.


There are various reasons why your residence needs water-softening systems:

  • Soap and Detergent – There are numerous minerals in hard water that are known to play havoc with the effectiveness of laundry products such as calcium and magnesium. A washed-up clear glass for example, should be transparent after drying; however, the presence of hard water would give it a somewhat frosted look after cleaning.
  • Drinking Water Flow – Water marked for human consumption can be seriously affected in terms of odour and taste when they pass through pipes affected by hard water buildup. A look at the cutaway of a pipe affected by hard-water buildup would look remarkably similar to arteries clogged with cholesterol plaque – and both have negative long-term results on human health.


A plumber in the Newmarket region can evaluate the status of your plumbing grid and draft a water-softening solution for your home, with a dual-tank system being the most suitable for this purpose. The system is set up near the dwelling’s main so it can filter the minerals from the water before the fluid goes to the other component systems, while a connected drain line deals with the purged materials. One tank can be in use and the other would be ready for immediate activation come the first tank’s refill time.

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