When Quality Plumbing Service also means Installing a New Sump Pump


Sump pumps are normally never given a second look, but when your house has a basement, these components will be critical in keeping the water away. This is especially true when the house is in a place with rather frequent occurrences of flooding, as every succeeding flood will drain the pumps’ effectiveness little by little. Writing for BobVila.com, Joe Provey said that installing and maintaining sump pumps can keep your downstairs as dry as you can make it.


When Quality Plumbing Service also means Installing a New Sump Pump


While Aurora, ON is relatively north of several danger zones in the Greater Toronto Area, changes in weather patterns during the summer can bring in a deluge when you least expect it. When you feel that your existing sump pump is not enough to firmly channel the water away from your house, a trusted plumbing company such as Harris Plumbing is prepared to aid you with a viable solution.


Immediate Need


In choosing a new sump pump for your basement, you need to evaluate the flood level designations for your community to determine the power ratings for your pump and ensuring it can reach the drain pipe. A regular sump pump is rated at 1/3 horsepower which can process up to 2,200 gallons an hour, but houses in high flood zones can require units of either 1/2HP or 3/4HP, allowing them to force out up to 5,000 gallons per hour.


In many cases, your plumber will recommend setting up a pit for the sump pump and link it to the drain pipe. Search for a sump pump that can be solidly put on the pit floor, can be activated by mechanical means, and possesses a cast-iron core which would allow the water to dampen the motor heat. If you plan on setting up two sump pumps, arrange for a second discharge pipe or increase the size of the existing discharge pipe.




Installing sump pumps in your basement is a highly workable solution in the insurance front. Test the pumps regularly to keep them functioning. You can also opt for at least one sump pump to be battery-powered or linked to a generator to help in the discharge of the basement water; always remember to keep them fully charged and easily accessible for activation.


Keeping the water out of the basement prevents the risk of more health problems in such a confined space. Call your plumbing service provider in Barrie today.

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