Aurora Drain Cleaning Expert Tips on Preventing Clogged Drain Problems

It might seem inevitable for most homeowners to see their sinks slowly fill up with water because of a clogged drainage system, but this doesn’t mean they can’t do anything to prevent it. To that end, Aurora drain cleaning experts can help you keep your drains clean with these expert tips.

clogged drain cleaning

Careful What You Drain

Your kitchen drain is supposed to dispose of waste water; it isn’t an alternative to a garbage bin. In keeping your drains clean, you need to be aware of what you might be throwing into them. Coffee grounds, cooking grease, soap scum and hair are the top enemies of a clean drain so do whatever you can to keep your drain free of them.

One way to do this is to use a screen or drain-gate that covers the drain’s opening, which keeps hair, soap scum and even large food particles from going in. Instead of sending cooking grease down the drain, collect it in an old cardboard milk container or in an old coffee can before disposing of it in the garbage bin, along with coffee grounds. You can also add coffee grounds to your mulch pile.

Cleaning your Drain

Regularly cleaning your drain is one way to keep it from clogging. You can do this simply by using running water. If your sink comes with a stopper, you can try closing it once a week and filling the sink all the way, then releasing the stopper to let the force of the water clean the pipes. Water alone, however, might not be enough to keep your drain clean, especially if it’s old. To properly clean and disinfect your drains, you might need to use bleach and flush it with water after 12 hours.

Not a fan of strong chemicals like bleach? Experts also advise letting hot water run through the sink after each use, which is effective in keeping oil found in food products from building up in the interior surface of the pipes.

To do away with odours, you may opt to throw baking soda down the drain before pouring hot water. Vinegar is also an effective ingredient for keeping drains clean, since it contains acetic acid, an organic solvent that’s efficient in removing organic buildup in your pipes.

When all DIY efforts fail, don’t hesitate to contact companies that offer drain cleaning in Aurora, such as Harris Plumbing. Leave the job to them and they’ll keep your home free of all drain and plumbing problems.