What are the Major Types of Repairs Handled by a Plumber in Barrie?

There are different services a homeowner can acquire from a plumber in Barrie or Aurora, one of which is repair. An article on WiseGeek lists three major categories of plumbing repair, namely leak repair, mechanical parts repair and drainage system clearing.

Plumber using a wrench under a sink.

Water Leaks

Leaks lead to substantial property damage, expensive water bills due to wasted water and even health issues. There are many causes for leaks such as corrosion, cracks, excessive pressure, leaky pipe joints, rust, wear and tear of faucets, worn down pipes, problems with the toilet, washing machine fixtures and malfunctioning dishwasher seals. Whichever the cause, water leaks should be acted on as soon as they’re discovered.

Problems in Mechanical Parts

Valves are a common source of mechanical malfunctions in the plumbing system. If the valves don’t operate correctly, the water is not regulated properly. This leads into issues with the other mechanical parts of the system.

Moving parts will naturally accumulate wear and tear with use and over time. Fixtures can also develop different kinds of malfunctions. When toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, landscape irrigation fails, they can potentially affect the whole plumbing system if not dealt with right away.

Clogging Problems

When drains are clogged, wastewater is not drained away properly from the home. Some clogs cause toilets, sinks or bathtubs to drain slowly. A particular cause of concern is when the clogs become severe enough to cause water to back up, resulting in an overflow. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before flooding or pooling of water occurs inside the home. Such will make the home vulnerable to a slew of hazards such as foundation and general structural damage as well as mould growth.

Expert Repair

There are a few repairs that homeowners can handle on their own. Most repair jobs, however, are better off left to expert Barrie and Aurora plumbers such as those from Harris Plumbing Inc. That’s because major repairs are risky and the average homeowner doesn’t have the expertise or equipment to handle the repairs properly. With their help, you can guarantee a plumbing job well done.


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