Aurora Plumbing Specialists Resolve Hidden Leaks in Your Bathroom

Home ownership affords people numerous benefits, but how much does it cost to own a home in Canada these days?

Some will attest that housing costs are within the affordable price range, but the house’s market value shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. With home ownership comes expenses for repair or renovation, and homeowners must strive to avoid costly renovations as much as possible. At times, however, some problems like hidden dampness in the bathroom are invisible to the naked eye.

Plumber working under a sink

This issue is likely to get worse each day without the homeowners’ knowledge. By the time the problem escalates to serious levels, homeowners are caught by surprise (or shock) upon learning that their bathroom is beyond repair and will need a redo. The good news is that homeowners simply have to watch out for these signs of hidden leaks and then call on Aurora plumbing contractors to handle the repairs and so eliminate the need for a renovation. Here’s a look at those red flags:

Non-shower walls have mold or mildew

Scientifically speaking, mildew naturally occurs in areas where water accumulates, so finding some in the shower or the floor or walls where the bathtub is affixed is normal. What isn’t normal, though, is when mildew occurs in those areas that aren’t exposed to water like the walls on the opposite of the shower.

Musty odour

Bathrooms are not exactly the sweetest smelling room in the house. Still, if homeowners work hard to remove the smell─ even leaving a bowl of potpourri or several scented candles─ and it still remains, there is most likely a hidden water leak that’s causing it.

Buckling bathroom floor

Bathroom tiles hold up well to water exposure on a daily basis, but when they start to buckle, it likely means there is water accumulating underneath it. The source of the leak can be a pipe under the floor.

Skyrocketing water bills

Every household owner should have a good idea of their water consumption. They know that if they had house guests for a week or two, it’s likely their water bill for the next month will spike a bit. If water bills seem to increase month after month, however, and they haven’t had house guests for over a year, it’s possible there is a water leak somewhere.

Hidden leaks can cost homeowners plenty, so before things get worse, they should learn to be vigilant and call on experienced Barrie plumbing contractors like ones from Harris Plumbing to nip those hidden leaks in the bud.

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