Clean and Clear: Knowing When Drain Cleaning in Aurora Homes is Needed

Clogged drains are inevitable and they can range from minor ones that only manage to slow down the flow of water out of your house to major blockages that can cause damage to your home. This is why regular drain cleaning for Aurora homes is necessary. Here are some signs that your drains are due for a cleaning and what you can do about it.

What Are the Causes of Water Coming Up the Drain in a Sink
Slower Drainage

If you notice that your sink is slow in emptying, there may be a clog in the pipes. Depending on the location of your sink, it should be easy to find the location of the blockage. Generally, a sink’s drain will lead horizontally from a P-trap to a tee. That tee would lead to the main sewer drain. If there are multiple plumbing fixtures attached to your sink, their vent and drain pipes could combine with one other. Check what fixtures share a slowdown in drainage to pinpoint where the clog is. Once you’ve found it you can either have a reliable Aurora drain cleaning service provider like Harris Plumbing clear it out or use temporary drain cleaning methods like pouring in hot water and a solution of baking soda down the drain to help clean it out.

Bad Odours

Another indication of a clogged drain somewhere in the pipeline is a nasty smell. This is because a lot of clogs are caused by grease and rotting food that have accumulated in the pipes. Combine this with stagnant water and you can expect an unpleasant odour to waft out of your drains or vents. Cleaning out the drains by manually using a drain snake is a good way to unclog most stubborn blockages. If you don’t have the tools, calling up a local plumber to clear out the pipes is a smart move.

Water Backing Up

A clear sign of a drain blockage is dirty water backing up in your drains and toilets. This usually happens from a sewer main blockage. A clog in your sewer main usually means roots have managed to enter your sewer line or something else that is causing a major blockage is there. If this happens, you need to shut off your water main and stop using water until the drain is cleared out. For something this serious you’ll need the help of professional drain cleaning services. Call one immediately to solve such a plumbing problem.