Skilled Ontario Plumbers Help Solve Low Water Pressure Problems

One of the banes of owning a home is having to deal with water issues, such as low water pressure. Nothing ruins a shower more than when it slows to a trickle, or when the washing machine takes ages to fill. However, before you contact your plumber to do some repairs, you might spare yourself by doing simple troubleshooting first. If that doesn’t work, at least you’ll have enough information to relay when you call your plumber for help.

If you can, try to determine the location in your home where you experience low water pressure. Check the water pressure of fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and any outdoor faucets. Run water from them to see which areas in your home are amiss.

Top Tips for Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure

Test your faucets also with hot and cold water running; if hot water trickles out, while cold water rushes out then your water heater is probably the problem. If all of your water fixtures trickle water at best, ask your neighbors about their water pressure woes. If they share it, then it’s most likely a problem with the area’s water main. Reliable plumbing companies like Harris Plumbing can install a pressure booster so your house can enjoy higher water pressure.

If you have been dealing with water problems in your home for a while now, you could find out what’s causing the dip in pressure. If water does not flow freely out of your faucet, one possible reason for the weak pressure may be a clogged aerator. Dirt can build up in aerators and slow down the flow of water out through your faucet.

Remove your faucet end and take the aerator out; clean it with a vinegar-water solution or have it replaced. While the aerator is out, check if the water pressure is higher. If it is, then the aerator was the problem. If not, the problem is probably in the pipes.

Mineral deposits can build-up in pipes. This happens often in areas where the water is mineral-rich. The build up slowly clogs the pipes and can be difficult to resolve. Often a replacement or a cleaning needs to be done. If so, call a professional to handle it to enjoy sufficient free-flowing water in your home’s water system again.

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