Common Causes of Clogged Drains and How Plumbing Experts Can Help

The main drain line removes all waste water and sewer gases out of your home in Aurora or Newmarket and into the municipal sewer line. Given all the intricate pipework involved, it makes sense to call on a professional plumber when something prevents the drain line from functioning properly.

Pipe snake being fed underground

How Drainage Works

Residential drainage systems consist of two networks: one for the ventilation pipes that go up the roof, and another for the drain pipes that are buried under your house. Ventilation pipes prevent sewer gases from wafting into indoor spaces, while drain pipes convey waste water away from your home. All plumbing fixtures in the house, such as toilets and sinks, are connected to the drains, which crawl toward the main drain to carry waste water into your local sewer/septic system.

Clogged drains may be preventable, but they are also one of the most common plumbing concerns in any home. If the problem only involves individual fixtures, the problem may have to do with grime buildup or undissolved items, and may be repairable with basic troubleshooting techniques. Before settling into your home in Aurora, it pays to know a thing or two about plumbing troubleshooting basics.

Common Sources of Clogs

Food particles and cooking grease, which tend to seep into the drain pipe walls after barring the opening, are the common enemies of kitchen sinks. Solid or dense materials such as oil and soap flakes do not dissolve easily and will accumulate over time.

The toilet drainpipe may be the largest one in your home, but it can still get clogged with solid or moist items such as diapers, cotton swabs, tampons and even purportedly “flushable” wipes. None of these items should ever be flushed. To prevent clogging in bathroom and toilet drains, be sure to follow proper waste disposal practices and get rid of any gunk buildup in and around the toilet bowl.

When to Call for Help

If clogged or slow drains persist, the drain line may not have been properly installed or designed to suit your property. Meanwhile, complications with the drain pipe slope often require a new pipe to be placed properly in the right slope, although the blockages have to be removed first. Both problems require special equipment that only a plumbing and drain specialist like Harris Plumbing Inc. can effectively wield.


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