How to Tell If a Plumber Needs to Urgently Service Your Septic System


Most people who enjoy the benefits of a septic system in their homes don’t realize how fragile the system itself really is. Septic systems operate on a simple-enough principle (simple enough to not even need moving parts), though they still require adequate maintenance for optimal performance. Those who choose to forego the latter are in for a smelly, messy time. Note that various signs both inside and outside the home can herald a septic system failure. Here are a few of them that you must watch out for:


plumber service septic system

Foul Odour – Perhaps the most obvious sign of a failing septic system on this list, unpleasant smells are extremely noticeable when they seep out of the tank. The odours can manifest not only outdoors, but also indoors if not taken care of by a qualified plumber in Barrie or nearby areas. Since the septic tank holds both liquid and solid waste from the home, the decomposition process subsequently produces offensive smells that leak out; and if one is vigilant enough, can even point directly to the exact source of the problem.

Slow Drains – Drains are meant to get rid of waste water, not prevent them from going all the way down. Any hint of a slower-than-normal drainage could mean that the septic tank needs to be pumped. The typical first aid response is to use drain-clearing chemicals, but when the strongest of substances fail, professional plumbers must be called at once. Fortunately, firms near Aurora like Harris Plumbing, Inc. in Barrie have quite a handful of these handymen, which combines years of experience with the latest plumbing equipment to deliver excellent results.

Pooling Water and Uneven Plant Growth – Homeowners with lawns can easily notice this. If pooling occurs, it usually means that the soil surrounding the septic system is extremely saturated with untreated wastewater. This over saturation is also evident in the presence of uneven plant growth, where several spots of land tend to have more pronounced green growth compared to the area near the septic tank. In addition, oversaturated soil is dangerous and prone to collapse due to its softness.

Sewage Backups – Sewage backups are the last thing homeowners would want to experience with their sinks, bathtubs, or toilets. A septic tank that’s absolutely filled to the brim can cause backups all throughout the home, leaching more of that foul odour as well.

Alarms – Lastly, those with more modern septic systems can be easily alerted via a built-in alarm—though not a lot of homeowners are actually aware of such. Septic alarms are located indoors or outdoors, and go off with either a red flashing light or a beeping noise.



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