Dealing with Problems in Aurora Plumbing Brought On by the Weather

Canada’s continuous cold weather has drastically affected numerous industries in the country. From plumbing in Aurora and Calgary, to public system and automobile failures, many residents are already experiencing various problems that affect their daily routines. A recent article on Inside Toronto talks about how below freezing temperatures have led to many burst and damaged pipes, even causing a local school to shut down.

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In response to this country-wide plumbing concern, the city of Toronto has offered some pointers that can help residents deal with frozen pipes. These tips include:

“* If your water pipes are attached to an outside wall that is not insulated, remove the clamp from the pipes, gently pull them away and wrap them with insulation. These are foam covers that are available from building supply or home improvement stores;


* If there are water supply lines in your garage, keep the garage doors closed;


* If you are leaving home for an extended period of time, shut off the main service valve in your basement and open all taps to drain all the water out;


* Open your kitchen, bathroom and laundry doors to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing;


* For commercial water customers, wrap all exposed lines in order to protect the fire lines.”

Frozen pipes can be a major problem if the pipes burst from the pressure exerted by the ice inside. The tips given by the Toronto city government are helpful in preventing pipes from freezing. However, if the problem does materialize, it is best to call on reliable Aurora or Newmarket plumbing services to resolve the issue.

Professional plumbers use tools and equipment that can thaw frozen pipes more quickly than home devices. In addition to doing the job faster, the pros can also do it more safely, keeping homeowners from harm’s way.

Likewise, it will take major plumbing work to repair and replace broken pipes, a gargantuan task that only reliable plumbers, such as those from Harris Plumbing, Inc., should perform. A plumbing system involves an intricate network of pipes, ducts, and other materials that have to be securely and effectively put together. Work by an amateur or lesser trained professionals can result in inefficiencies and wastage of precious water, so it is best to seek the experts to do the job.

(Source: City of Toronto offers tips on dealing with frozen water pipes, Inside Toronto, 04, Mar 2014)