Green Plumbing in Aurora – Breaking Up with Your Garburator for Good?

Your garburator does serve a vital purpose in your house and it may even seem satisfying to see it work on your food bits. However, Matt Smolsky of SFGate claims the device may actually be a thing you can do without and given that you have the skills, you can remove it by yourself:

“If you must remove a garbage disposal and return to the original sink drain, take heart. The job is moderately easy. However, preparation and organization are keys to making the work go quickly, safely and efficiently. You can finish in two to three hours. The most important thing is to gain a thorough understanding of what’s involved. Review the materials needed list, and inspect the garbage disposal, drain plumbing and all connections before starting.”

The emphasis on dealing with garburators resonates with homeowners and business facility operators in Ontario and other provinces in Canada. The Greater Toronto Area and even Ottawa bans the use of garburators due to various environmental concerns, even though some older houses in the province still have them. If your house still has a functional garburator but you worry about home inspectors slapping you with fines for operating them, the capable hands of skilled plumbers from Aurora plumbing companies are always ready to assist you in their removal.

On your end, you first have to find the circuit line and switches that powers the garburator. An additional safety measure may be to temporarily turn off all circuits to the kitchen and close the water mains. A voltage tester will be needed to make sure there’s no current flow at the main switches or electrical lines.

Once the plumbing crew has been called in, you will have to remove all objects in the cabinet underneath the sink so the plumbers can have enough working space. Lay down old sheets around the area to shield your floor from dirt and water. The objective is to have the machine removed without leaving a mess.

A garburator will be usually connected to a drain pipe on an adjacent sink or a dishwasher. Both these lines must be disconnected from the device. Only then can the plumber proceed with unscrewing the garburator from the mounting brackets and a snap ring underneath the sink.

Of course, completely removing the garburator is not the end of your task; the sink must be returned to normal operations. An Aurora plumbing specialist like a professional from established companies such as Harris Plumbing Inc. will most likely install new drain piping once the machine is out of the way. Note that an experienced plumber has the right materials and skills to get the job done in no time at all.

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(Source: How to Remove a Garbage Disposal & Return to Original Sink Drain, SFGate)