Simple Aurora Drain Cleaning Tips: Never Flush These Down Your Toilet

Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest conveniences in the world today. One thing that has been particularly convenient in modern times is the toilet. Needless to say, these units have made doing your business a much more pleasant experience than what many of our early ancestors had to make do with.

Unfortunately, many people have had wrong perceptions of what their toilets can do. Some people believe that toilets can also serve as a garbage disposal thinking, “out of sight, out of mind”.

At first glance, this may seem like a big fuss over nothing. While it is true that certain items can be flushed down the toilet, it doesn’t mean everything can be flushed away. An article from, a website dedicated to environmental stewardship, lists some of the items that should never be flushed down the toilet:

“Bathroom wipes – these “moist towelettes” or as I like to call them “adult baby wipes” are becoming an increasingly popular bathroom accessory. Despite the fact that they’re marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes are creating clogs and backups in sewer systems around the nation.

Cotton Balls & Swabs – They’re just cotton, right? It might seem like these tiny bathroom tools would just get soggy and eventually break down in the watery pipeline, but they don’t. They eventually gather together in bends of the pipe, causing massive blockages.

Cigarette butts – Not only do they look nasty when floating in the toilet water, but they’re also full of incredibly toxic chemicals that just end up in the water supply. Also, think of all the water you’re wasting to get rid of ONE tiny butt!”

As mentioned above, flushing down these items can cause drain lines to clog. If you notice that your toilets make a gurgling sound as you flush, it could be a sign that your pipes have already clogged – or are about to. Other signs include slow draining sinks and water backing up in the tub when you use other plumbing fixtures. If you see these signs, immediately call an Aurora drain cleaning service.

If you need drain cleaning in Aurora, make sure that you only work with a reputable company like Harris Plumbing. Do not delay clearing out a clog because it can cause sewage to back up into your home. If clogs become severe enough, it can even affect neighbouring homes.