Hiring Aurora Plumbing Services is Critical for a Sink Replacement Job

The kitchen sink is one of the crucial parts to watch out for in a home plumbing replacement operation. Your options for general dish cleaning or even cooking are limited when the sink’s all ruined to slag and you’re wary of dropping something onto the large basin. This often calls for a new sink altogether, but some precautions are never far behind, as an article in the Family Handyman magazine points out.


sink replacement job

Home improvement experts emphasize that replacing the sink altogether requires ample preparations and can even involve the adjacent sections of the kitchen. When you need to replace a sink that has seen better days and get things quickly back to normal, professionals at plumbing in Aurora like the team from Harris Plumbing are prepared to come to your aid.



In choosing a new sink, some plumbers will need to accurately measure the dimensions of the cutout of the existing sink. This must be done before the current sink is removed, as a replacement sink of understated dimensions may leave some ugly gaps or have nothing to attach to. Your preferred contractor will check the square corners to ensure the right fit.



Your plumbing team must study the area around the sink cut-out for any water stains. Be on the alert for swollen stains; they will compromise the sink’s hold on the countertop, and your plumber may recommend that you have to replace the countertop itself. That’s where your preferred plumbing firm can engage in kitchen remodelling to address the issue.


A Deeper Sink

Some homeowners may consider installing a sink with a deeper bowl. Your plumber will be measuring the tailpiece (the stretch of pipe under the basket strainer) to gauge whether the waste arm drainpipe can channel the flow properly under the trap. Any misalignments, and the entire piping assembly may have to be replaced.


No Garburator

A new sink is often a chance to also do away with the garburator if it ever had any attached. A Barrie plumbing company like Harris Plumbing can aid you by helping you select a new sink that only has the drain hole. The garburator will be stripped and disposed with the old sink.

A new sink will be of great help for your needs in the kitchen. Your plumber will take the extra mile to get it done properly.

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