Let Your House’s Showers Flow Again through Drain Cleaning in Aurora

The shower will always be one of the places in the house where you can be left to your devices and come out refreshed later. However, it’s not a good sight when the time spent in the stall results in the water level rising. 

“It is a very uncomfortable experience having your shower water collecting at your ankles especially the foamy one that has soap and dirt. Unfortunately a clogged shower drain happens to all of us due to a collection of hair, soap and other particles that stick together and block the drain. So once this happens, what is the best way to unclog a shower drain?”

The area around Aurora, Ontario is packed with sellers of shower fixtures and other bathroom assortments. However, even if you have remodelled the bathroom─ especially the shower area─ to amazing levels, all of that will be for nothing if the drains aren’t clear all the way. Forcing the breakthrough will require help from veterans of drain cleaning in Aurora, like the good people at Harris Plumbing Inc.

The initial area to start digging for clues would be the shower room itself. Pay attention if the bathroom’s shower area has an integrated bathtub; there’s a high possibility that the heavy use contributed to clogging in the first place. Common objects that get mixed up in a shower drain include loose hair strands, scum, skin dirt, and soap bits (unless you strictly use body wash).

Hair strands are easy to remove from the drain grille. You need to unscrew the grille and use tweezers or your hands to extract the debris that are not too deep down. Your plumber can take over using drain snakes and small video cameras to find any potential blockage further down the line.

Sometimes, residue such as grease and scum tend to stick to pipe lining and accumulate, even at shower drains. Your preferred plumber can counter this with advanced hydro jet scrubs to force the breakthrough.

A clogged drain, whether it’s around the shower room or somewhere else, needs to be yanked back into circulation before long. An Aurora drain cleaning company such as Harris Plumbing Inc. is in the right position to help you solve that problem.