Getting a Newmarket Emergency Plumber to Efficiently Fix Burst Pipes

Water intrusion or flooding is one of the worst enemies of a home because it compromises the very core that keeps the structure together. If flooding occurs due to natural disasters like rain storms, the situation is understandable. Flooding, however, may also happen due to burst water pipes; this is where homeowner vigilance is most required.

An incident in Toronto, for example, where a water main broke, resulted in flooded basements and even prompted maintenance personnel to consider opening the road for repairs. Josh Elliott reports on the occurrence for CTV Toronto:


At least four residents discovered their basements filled with water overnight, firefighters said. The storm sewers were overflowing and water continued to pool on Evans Avenue into the morning hours.


The water main broke in the Etobicoke neighbourhood at about 1:20 a.m. on Monday, firefighters said.


Workers were still trying to find the source of the leak at around 6:30 a.m.


Maintenance crews are expected to bring in heavy machinery and will tear up the road to access the broken water main for repairs.


While this incident involved a main water line which the local government is responsible for, pipe bursting could also happen in residential areas in Newmarket and other places in Ontario. Homeowners are initially responsible for fixing broken pipes, but they can also search companies in Newmarket for an emergency plumber who can do more efficient repairs.


Why pipes burst
Water pipes commonly burst during winter when temperatures are below zero. In Newmarket, for instance, temps can reach as low as -10 degrees Celsius in January, causing water to freeze and block the pipes. With the ice blockage, it becomes difficult for water to pass through, causing water build-up in the blocked part and increasing water pressure on pipeline walls.


What homeowners may not know is pipes break during summertime, too, albeit for different reasons. The high summer temperatures lead to dry soil, shrinking away the pipes in the process. When combined with high pressure due to increased water usage, the pipeline walls become strained, making the pipes susceptible to bursting.


Solutions for burst pipes
When pipes burst, homeowners should immediately shut off their main water supply to prevent flooding. They may be able to resolve a small leak on their own, using the right tools like a C-clamp, but for larger leaks, it’s recommended to have professional plumbers put a sleeve clamp in place.


Burst pipes can flood homes and weaken their structural integrity. Fortunately, experienced plumbers like the ones from Harris Plumbing, can help with this problem, as well as with issues on clogged drains. Homeowners can contact the company’s office in Barrie for drain contractors.


(Source: Broken water main floods basements along Evans Avenue,, June 30, 2014)