New to Barrie? Consider These Factors When Looking for a New Plumber

One of the most interesting facts in regards to Barrie is that no less than 25 per cent of the entire Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the city centre. This means locating a plumber shouldn’t an overly difficult task. Finding the right one, on the other hand is a different thing altogether.

If you are new to Barrie, Newmarket, or any of the surrounding areas, you’ll likely want to have the number of a reliable plumber in your back pocket before anything goes wrong. With that in mind, here are a few things you should try to look for in a plumber:

Plumber working under a kitchen sink

A Host of Different Services

The world of plumbing is quite vast. Some clients may wish for an existing bathroom to be upgraded while others could require a completely new installation after having constructed an addition to their property. It would do you well to go for a full-service plumbing company, such as Harris Plumbing Inc.

Apart from the specific services the company offers, you may want to look for a company that offers emergency plumbing services. The most unfortunate incidents tend to happen when they are least expected. From basic maintenance services to video camera inspections of a pipe, professional plumbers must be able to cater to every need equally.


Many authoritative online guides will cite the length of time a business has been in operation as another key point to consider. This is very true, for experience naturally breeds results. In competitive areas such as Barrie and Newmarket, such longevity is also a sure sign that the firm boasts a certain level of technical prowess.

Of course, you’ll also want to take a look at the plumbing services the plumbing company specialises in. Try to anticipate what kind of plumbing services you’ll require in the future, especially if the home you’ve purchased was built decades ago. For example, if you anticipate the need to switch to a tankless water heater, you’ll definitely want to choose a plumber with experience in installing a tankless water heater.

A User-Friendly Approach

Even the highest levels of technical prowess would prove to be of little use if the company is not able to relate to the needs of the client in question. So, a very hands-on stance should always be taken. What type of budget is the customer working with? Does he or she have a very stringent time frame? What hours are the best to arrive and will they require regular maintenance as well? These are some of the questions that a plumbing company should always ask. These are signs that the plumbing company always has your best interests at heart.

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