Beyond the Bathroom: Plumbers Help with More Than Simple Installation

Plumbers serving Barrie, Aurora, and other surrounding areas do more than fix leaking taps and install new toilets. While typical repairs and installations are some of the key services offered by experienced companies, some plumbing companies offer a wide range of services to ensure your entire plumbing system works safely, efficiently, and conveniently. Many times, these extra services include:

Plumber working under a sink.

Complete Drain Cleaning

Many plumbers will make use of what is known colloquially as a “pipe snake”. This is a mechanical device intended to scrape away excess material from the interior lining. However, there are also occasions when high-pressure jets of water will be used to more thoroughly address any materials that may otherwise be tough to remove.

Addressing Tree Roots

Roots can be a real nightmare in the world of plumbing. Over time, they can grow and cause an obstruction within a pipe. There are even instances when a thicker root will crack seemingly solid materials such as cast iron. In severe cases, tree roots breaking through sewer lines can cause dangerous sewage backups. It should, therefore, be no surprise that many Barrie plumbing services will help to identify and remove any roots that might be threatening nearby pipes.

Water Quality

Some properties within Aurora and Barrie may be plagued with an aggravating condition known as hard water. This occurs when the presence of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium is found in water. These substances can dramatically alter the taste of the water. Over time, they can cause pipes to clog as the dissolved minerals accumulate. Hard water is also known to reduce the efficiency of washing machines, garburators, and other appliances that connect to your plumbing.

Professional plumbers will often offer water inspection services to determine if this problem exists and to what extent. Afterwards, they can install water treatment solutions based on how “hard” your water is to reduce the dissolved minerals flowing through your pipes.

These are a few examples of the numerous skills that those who offer professional plumbing in Aurora will offer. Boasting the ability to address numerous needs, it is no wonder that this challenging field is in such high demand.

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