Newmarket Emergency Plumber Service Takes Care of Tree Root Creep

If you live in a place with many trees around, there’s often a danger of the roots playing havoc on your plumbing system. Such situations warrant a thorough stripping before further damage is left behind. Writing for Popular Mechanics, Coletta Teske says roots are relentless and can barge through any fissure as needed.

The situation may resonate with homeowners and even facility operators in Newmarket, ON. A look at the popular York Region town shows a peaceful suburban atmosphere and many houses have vast lawns with well-aged trees. If your property’s plumbing is running into some problems due to creeping tree roots, consider having it resolved through a professional Newmarket emergency plumber like one from Harris Plumbing, Inc.

Roots in a clay pipe


Tree roots gradually spread out in certain directions. In some cases, when there are pipes astride of any roots, the pressure from the movement of soil as a result of the root mass can force a breakage in the pipe. This, in turn, allows the roots to get in and access water they need for nutrients.


The underlying effects of tree root creep on your plumbing will give some audible noises. Teske said one thing to hear out for is any “gurgling noises” from the toilet, which may be a result of the roots firmly moving into some sections of the sewage system. The drains can even take more time than usual to firmly clear away.


A skilled Barrie emergency plumber like one from Harris Plumbing has the necessary equipment to do a tree root removal operation. The initial thing to do will be to inspect all pipe lines with a small video-camera system to pinpoint the exact location of the break and the degree of penetration. The analysis may lead to a water jet cleaning of the line and cutting the roots piece by piece; your plumber may quote for a full sectional replacement.

The depth and spread of tree roots is always a healthy sign of a tree weathering a thousand storms and vibrant summers, but encroachment is not to be taken lightly. Trust your local plumbing company to deal with the problem right away.

(Source: How to Keep Roots From Wrecking Your Sewer Line, Popular Mechanics)