No Worries: Ontario Plumbing Problems Can Be Solved by Experts

Ontario plumbing systems are no different from the other components of your home: the wear-and-tear of daily use will inevitably cause them to break down. Some of these malfunctions can be easily fixed even with a little know-how and a bit of effort, such as when hair clogs the drain, a problem that can be effectively solved with the use of chemical –free drain cleaners.


Common Toilet
Nonetheless, some problems will need professional attention. Knowledgeable Ontario plumbers like those from Harris Plumbing Inc. would be able to skillfully deal with the common problems that usually pop up in a home’s plumbing system. Here are a few of them, and how a trained plumber can help.

Hot Water Problems

People like having their little comforts and having a hot shower after a tiring day is one of those. However, years of use can result in your home’s water heater breaking down. A skilled plumber would be able to pinpoint the possible problem like cracks or a weak gas line. Moreover, if the heater needs replacing, plumbers can do the job without voiding the warranty.


When you see a puddle under your sink or near one of the pipes, calling in a plumber to check the leak is the best option. Leaks are usually found at pipe joints and can be costly in terms of wasted water. Repairing leaks isn’t always a complex process, but it can be a messy and tiring task. Leaving it in the hands of professionals saves you a lot of trouble.

Toilet Problems

Another common issue is problems with the toilet. It usually comes in the form of clogs, but a recent article by Megan Cole in The Prince George Citizen also brings up the possibility of leaky flapper valves:

“Homeowners often run into leaky flapper valves,” says Armour. “That is a valve in the bottom of the tank. When you press down your handle it lifts up the flapper valve and lets the water flow from the tank to the bowl.”

When the valve fails, Armour says water will leak from the tank into the toilet bowl. If a homeowner suspects the flapper isn’t working effectively, he says it is easy to diagnose by putting a bit of food colouring in the tank. If the food colouring turns up in the bowl, the flapper needs to be replaced.

Professional plumbers would be able to fix clogs and faulty flapper valves without much ado. Additionally, if the toilet itself is the problem, they can help with installing a new—and better—one.

(Source: Troubleshooting common toilet problems: clogs, leaky flapper valves, The Prince George Citizen, September 12, 2014)