Plumber in Barrie: Maximize Home Makeovers with Water-saving Fixtures

Who says people can’t learn anything from TV? According to Business News Network writer Marie Alcober, home renovation TV programmes have inspired a high number of Canadians to update and enhance their residential properties.

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“Willingness, at least in part, can be attributed to what is sometimes referred to as the ‘HGTV’ effect,” wrote Altus Group Economic Consulting in a housing report. “Many homeowners did not know how badly they really wanted new designer kitchens and bathrooms until then.”

The report refers to HGTV, a lifestyle channel that focuses on home improvement, which launched in 1997.

The renovation industry raked in $63.4 billion in 2013 alone – a number that represents around 3.7 percent of Canada’s total GDP.

While there is nothing wrong with aiming for aesthetics in kitchens or bathrooms, homeowners can also take advantage of these makeover projects to introduce highly efficient plumbing fixtures in their homes. With the help of an experienced plumber in Barrie, Aurora, or other places in Ontario, homeowners can reduce their water expenses and save money for an emergency fund or fun family activities like hot air ballooning or cruising.

Here is a look at water-saving plumbing options:

For kitchens
Water-efficient faucets. Eco-friendly faucets come in different types. Some have a low-flow rate but don’t sacrifice water pressure, while some come with a multi-function spray wand designed to use about 32 percent less water than its counterparts. Homeowners may seek the advice of trusted Aurora plumbers to decide which model or type best suits their needs and lifestyle.

For bathrooms
Low-flush toilets. According to the non-profit organisation Green Venture, 30 percent of the total water usage of Canadian households goes to toilet flushing. Traditional toilets can use as much as 23 litres of water per flush. Low-flush toilets, meanwhile, use only six litres per flush, which is actually a sufficient amount for them to perform their function.

Dual-flush toilets. These toilets are also effective in reducing water consumption in households because of their flushing flexibility. A dual-flush toilet has two functions: one is to flush liquid waste, and the other to flush solid waste. The first typically uses only 3 litres of water per flush, while the second uses 6 litres per flush.

Integrating water-saving plumbing fixtures into home renovations can benefit homeowners in the long run. However, even the ideal faucets or toilets have limited operational life. When having a new water-conserving toilet or faucet added, make sure they are installed correctly by well-trained plumbers like the ones from Harris Plumbing. The company also provides drain cleaning and inspection, and water conditioning services.

(Source: ‘HGTV’ effect causes record home renovations,, July 2, 2014)