Professional Drain Cleaning: Prevent Health Risks from Stagnant Water

Is your bathroom floor always wet? Do you smell any strange odors every time you enter your bathroom? In all likelihood, the reason for the smell is stagnant water in your clogged drains. What you need to do is to immediately call up drain cleaning experts in your area and have them de-clog that problematic drain. Other than overwhelming the home with an unpleasant smell, stagnant water can be very dangerous.

Woman on a phone trying to clean up a leak

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stagnant water can become the breeding ground of many insects like mosquitos. After the female mosquito lays her eggs (over a hundred at a time), it only takes 10 days for the larvae to become pupae, and shortly after that they will become fully grown mosquitos. In just a matter of 10 days your bathroom can literally be the hub of an army of disease-carrying mosquitos. Insects like flies and mosquitoes are known to carry bacteria like salmonella, collibacilli, dysentery, and staphylococcus, which can cause different conditions like cholera, tuberculosis, and diarrhea.

Aside from mosquitos, other microscopic organisms can also make a home out of the stagnant water in your drains, and because of their small size, they are capable of entering your body through open wounds or sometimes even pores, making even showering dangerous.

Some people try to solve their drain problems through DIY solutions, however, this is not always effective; and sometimes, can even create more problems. Commercially-available drain-cleaning chemicals might solve some clogging problems, but they could also end up damaging your pipes especially if they’re old and thin.

Furthermore, some DIY solutions only succeed in creating a temporary fix by pushing the clog further down your pipes, making the problem more difficult to solve later on. Clogs that have been entrenched more deeply can make detection harder, and in that time, stagnant water may continue to build up, making it a better hatching ground for insects.

For Newmarket or Aurora locals, professional drain cleaning from trusted companies like Harris Plumbing Inc. is still your best option. The experts would have the skills, tools, equipment, and experience to comprehensively solve your drain problems, without damaging your pipes. The minute you notice stagnant water, or smell the foul odor from the drains, immediately call for expert help before the problem gets bigger.

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