Regular Drain Cleaning of Aurora Homes’ Plumbing Stops Health Risks

Your drains play an integral part in keeping your home safe and clean. It is imperative that they function well all the way down to the sewer line. Not maintaining your drains and sewage system regularly, with the help of an experienced Aurora drain cleaning service like Harris Plumbing Inc., may result in health risks and home threats stemming from sewage backups and overflows.

E. Coli infection

One of the diseases you can catch from sewage backup is E. coli infection, as contributor China Zmuida describes, in an article for eHow:

E. coli is a bacteria commonly found within the intestinal tracts of animals and humans. Coming into contact with E. coli can cause an infection, leading to severe diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Enterococcus is found in the intestinal tracts of humans. Enterococcus infections can cause fever and urinary tract infections. If an Enterococcus bacterium enters the bloodstream, serious complications can result such as meningitis and damage to heart valves.

Sewer gas threats

Sewer gas may also begin to develop in clogged drain pipes. When your drains are working properly, sewer gas is flushed away. When the drains are clogged, however, gases such as methane and sulfur dioxide, for example, could drift back into your home. If you’re fortunate, this would manifest in a telltale odour. In worse cases, though, sewer gas has been known to cause asphyxiation, or an explosion or fire, because it didn’t exhibit any recognizable smells.

Regular checks

Due to the dangers clogged drains may cause, you need a skilled Aurora drain cleaning professional to take a look at your drains on a regular basis. That way, any potential problems can be spotted early and dealt with accordingly. Clogs don’t happen overnight; the dirt and debris buildup in the pipes slowly accumulate so a regular drain cleaning can stop a blockage from happening.

Chemical drain cleaners are often used, though baking soda and warm water may be just as effective. For more stubborn clogs, hydro-jetting or snaking down the line can be more effective. A professional would know what methods to use for the best results.

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