Plumbing: Practicality over Personalisation in Remodels

What influences a homeowner to renovate a home? Is it merely aesthetic preference or personal style? According to a survey feature by Home Accents Today correspondent Alexa Boschini, the latter seems to be the case. Millennials, in particular, are driven by personalization when undertaking home improvement projects.

Houzz recently released the results of its Decorating Trends Survey, which polled more than 1,700 Houzz users in the United States and Canada about their decorating plans and projects, and the study raises some interesting points about the decorating decisions of Millennials and other generations.

Eighty-four percent of survey respondents listed personal taste as a top driver of decorating decisions, and 75% said they consider comfort a leading factor. Only 15% of participating homeowners cited incorporating the latest trends as a decorating priority.

With the most stylish homes under the spotlight in various blogs, magazines, and television features, it’s quite easy for homeowners to get caught up in upgrading their property. One may be so keen on using sophisticated designs for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, for instance. However, he/she may fail to address issues like safety, water conservation, or energy efficiency in those rooms.

This is where plumbing practicality steps in. Prior to going all out on transforming the look of a kitchen or bathroom to suit your tastes, sort out your plumbing needs or problems first. It could be something mild like a faucet leak or an ancient toilet, or something as serious as a faulty water heater or a sewage backup problem. Have these concerns fixed by a professional before refurbishing.

One of the main reasons for kitchen or bath remodels is to improve a home’s value, but if plumbing problems don’t get repaired, any chic revamp wouldn’t satisfy that goal. If you will be selling your home soon or in the future, home inspectors will definitely dig up the dirt on your plumbing (among other essentials) during appraisals. If they find a mould problem underneath your marble countertops, granite tiles, or stainless steel appliances, your home value will surely go down.

Dependable plumbing companies like Harris Plumbing Inc. won’t let that happen. Seek the maintenance or repair services of these professionals before makeover projects to make sure your plumbing system doesn’t ruin your investment.

(Source: Personal taste drives decorating decisions for homeowners of all ages, Home Accents Today, October 28, 2014)