Harris Plumbing Plumbers Are Equipped to Deal with Drainage Problems

Water, though useful, can be devastating in the wrong place—such as on your floor and your walls. If the water is clean, it is still a problem, but not as much as when the water is dirty. Your home’s drainage system has been built to take care of your wastewater, but when there are problems with the drainage, wastewater can flood your homes and put your family’s health at risk. When this happens, call in professional plumbers from Harris Plumbing to immediately fix the problem.

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Possible Drainage Problems

 There are several things that could possibly go wrong with your drainage system. The most common problem are clogged drains. Careless dumping of garbage into your drainage can result in clogs. For example, items like tampons, cotton, and other absorbent materials can stick to the insides of your pipes. Furthermore, if you habitually pour grease, oil, and fat down your drains, they can also stick to the pipe’s inner lining and snag debris that passes by. A more unlikely reason for clogging is the presence of tree roots that have managed to crack open your sewer main and creep into the pipes.

There are other problems that can possibly plague your drainage. Broken pipes happen because of natural degradation or an accident. Poor installation could also be a culprit, as it can render one of your drainage pipes unable to handle high water pressure. The pipe could burst and cause flooding. Improper installation can also prevent water from going through its natural flow, causing slow drainage.

Drainage Repairs

When your drainage is faulty, it’s best to call in professional plumbers to handle the problem. Though it may be tempting to do the repairs on your own, having an experienced professional do it reduces the chance of future problems. Moreover, the pros can do the repairs more quickly and efficiently. You also wouldn’t need to buy plumbing supplies, which you may not use again, anyway.

Drainage Maintenance

Once repaired, you’ll want to avoid future difficulties with your plumbing system. Regular drain cleaning and inspections ensure that no clogging can build up in your drains. Once again, avoid the temptation of doing it on your own. Off-the-shelf drain cleaners make use of strong chemicals that can damage your plumbing and the environment. The best professional drain cleaning experts from Harris Plumbing, Inc., offer “green” solutions that are good for your pipes and won’t contaminate the water.