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A Montreal Gazette article published April, 24, 2014 reports an event that is dubbed as the most expensive plumbing job in the history of Canada:

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“Expensive house calls by plumbers can be nerve-racking for homeowners, but this plumbing job in Canada’s high Arctic is one for the record books.

Broken water pumps at CFS Alert triggered an 11,000-kilometre house call this winter by an elite squad of navy divers from Halifax.

The 10-day job in the frozen, permanent darkness of an Arctic winter required arduous drilling through ice more than a metre thick, and then a robot submarine to survey the damage.

In the end, the crack diver-plumber team was able to replace one broken pump, but not a second backup pump, the repair of which will have to wait for warmer temperatures in the summer.”

The CFS is the northernmost permanently inhabited community in the world. The Canadian signals listening post and weather station is so close to the North Pole that it is common for its inhabitants to experience rough snowy days on a regular basis.

While most households in the Greater Toronto Area won’t have to worry about a meter of ice and snow blockading their plumbing lines, they have their own problems that will require the assistance of expert plumbing in Aurora.

There are a myriad of plumbing issues that beset households in the Greater Toronto Area all year-round. One of the most common would be toilets backing up, which is usually caused by clogged pipes. Another problem that they have to deal with are dripping and leaky faucets caused by faulty washers. Frozen and cracked pipes are also unavoidable given Toronto’s temperatures.

Of course, homeowners can do the plumbing repairs themselves. However, DIY is not always recommended, especially if the homeowner is not really equipped with the technical know-how of fixing plumbing. In fact, sometimes, DIY work only leads to larger plumbing problems because of shoddy or incorrect work. Aside from that, many components and equipment related to plumbing are hard to find. This can become time-consuming and frustrating for people who do not really have the luxury of time to complete repairs.

This is why it is better to hire reliable Newmarket plumbing services who can do the job well. Calling in a plumber who has the necessary experience and equipment to do the job expertly and quickly, like those that work with Harris Plumbing, can save homeowners not just precious time, but also money.

(Source: World’s most expensive plumbing job? Military divers become plumbers in Arctic, Montreal Gazette, April 24, 2014)