Bathroom Renovation Trends That Will Need a Trusty Plumber in Barrie

Are you thinking of renovating your bathrooms? If yes, there are a lot of pointers that you will have to consider. Chantel Simmons, contributing writer, provides some tips in choosing and installing antique fixtures and tubs:

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“One of the hottest trends in bathrooms is incorporating antique fixtures. Here’s how to mix old-world charm into your new bathroom style. Paula Velez, project designer with LUX Design offers these tips. 

  • Antique tubs can be a great feature piece in a bathroom, and the history and craftsmanship can also be appealing to the seasoned eye,” says Velez. “Before you get too attached to the idea, there are a few things you should take into account.”
  • Buying antiques for mirrors, sinks, cabinets and hardware is a great way to give your space some history and style. Their unique qualities will turn your bathroom into a more inviting and interesting space.”

Aside from decorating with vintage wares, Ontario residents are exploring other bathroom renovation trends for their homes. Here are some of the modern trends that your trusty plumber in Barrie can help with:

Soaking Baths

Porcelain and stone implements are worthy investments in upgrading your bathroom. Instead of outdated clawfoot tubs, purchase simple, well-grounded basin-style soaking tubs. Alternatively, install an undermount tub that provides storage and seating surface on its stone or tiled ledges

Shower Havens

Are you among the Canadians with busy, fast-paced lifestyles who prefer quick, efficient showers? Try minimalist “pipe” shower towers or rain shower heads that concentrate water flow. You can also remodel with tub and shower combos that forgo unnecessary partitions.

Zen Comfort

With the stress encountered on a daily basis, some people take comfort in relaxing baths at the end of the day. Use warm wooden tubs and tub surrounds, as well as steam rooms, to create a tranquil spa effect for a home bathroom.

Techie Washrooms

Technology innovates a lot, and bathrooms are no exception. You can now install “smart” fixtures, like automated toilets, and electronic appliances, such as flat screen TVs and charging stations, in your washrooms.

If you’re thinking of having any renovations done for your bathroom, heed these plumbing cautions to avoid costly disasters. Plumbers in the Aurora area, like the Harris Plumbing experts, comprehensively plan and professionally install the piping, fixtures and other plumbing systems that would support these remodels. However simple or elaborate your bathroom renovations may be, make sure you call a professional, fully licensed plumber for your protection and safety.

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