Tankless Water Heaters – Gas or Electric?

The pros and cons of natural gas tankless water heaters

The primary cost for natural gas tankless water heaters is the upfront cost of the unit. Technology advancements have made modern, premium units extremely effective, convenient and economical to run; however, they are more costly to purchase. The natural gas tankless water heater is run by either natural gas or propane. Some models also have both propane and gas option. Reputable brand gas heaters tend to cost about $2,000 with higher quality/flow units costing $4,000+ for the unit only.

Professional installation, proper tocode venting, new fittings, upsizing of gas lines, inspections and annual maintenance costs need to be considered also, depending on the circumstances of the installation. A high quality, licensed plumbing contractor like Harris Plumbing will recommend and expertly install a high quality, dependable unit like Navien and provide annual, preventative
maintenance service for your peaceofmind.

Gas water heaters have a greater flow rate as compared to electric heaters. They can heat up to 8 GPM. Another advantage of natural gas tankless water heaters is that they are 10 to 20 percent less costly to operate as compared to electric heaters due to the high cost of hydro. A great solution for a busy family.

Gas “Combi Boiler” units can also doubleduty for superefficient whole home and floor heating.

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The pros and cons of electric water heaters

Electric tankless water heaters tend to be much less costly as compared to gas tankless heaters. The cost of these units is about $600 to $1,000 depending on quality, brand, warranties & flow rate. There are no requirements for venting or potential gas line upgrades as is the case with gas heaters.

Operating costs of electric water heaters are much higher as hydro is more costly than gas. Also, in our cold climate or where there is a need for high flow rate, a 200 AMP electric service needs to be installed that adds to the cost. This is an important consideration when buying an electric tankless heater as not all homes have such electrical service, and upgrading the panel can substantially add to the cost of installing the heater.

Get the right unit for you

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A quality, professional plumbing contractor like Harris Plumbing will assess your specific situation and recommend the perfect unit for your home, your family and your bank account. Whether to go with tankless or stay with tank hot water, is totally up to you. Consider tank/tankless fuel efficiencies, space restrictions, your budget, resale value, and the number of people in your home along with water usage patterns.

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