How To Open Your Cottage for the Summer

Many people throughout Canada open up their cottages during late spring, in preparation for the summer months. However, this process is not always straightforward or easy, and it’s definitely not how you want to start a vacation!

With Harris Plumbing professional cottage plumbing service, the hassle of this annual chore, including checking for winter damage, can be left to the experts.

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Opening Your Cottage for the Summer 

To successfully open a cottage, there are a variety of tasks that need to be completed, including:

  • Getting the pump started up
  • Refilling water tanks
  • Carrying out plumbing maintenance
  • Checking thoroughly for any winter damage
  • Firing up heating systems

As you can see, the process of opening a cottage for the summer is quite involved, and many residents rely on local professional plumbing services to complete the job effectively using the best methods. At Harris Plumbing, our cottage plumbing services can help you to open your cottage for the summer in a safe and controlled way, shut it down again in the fall, and perform any upgrades or repairs you may want or need in between.

The Importance of Professional Cottage Plumbing Services

The importance of properly opening your cottage for the summer lies in the fact that the winter months can take a toll on piping. If there is damage to your cottage water systems after you fire it up, it can be a headache to firstly locate the problem area, clean up the mess and prevent further damage – particularly with pumps and septic tanks.

Still fighting with a jet pump every spring??  Many of our clients have us change their troublesome and irritating jet pump out to a simple submersible pump system. Imagine – water ON with the flip of a switch!

With top plumbing companies like Harris Plumbing, these concerns will be a thing of the past. A professional cottage plumbing company will check all over for damage before turning a system on and will know, from experience, the important precautions to take – such as removing aerators from taps.

Some Water Tips for the Summer

In addition to calling a trusted plumber to open your cottage during spring and summer, check out these tips for correctly using your water system:

  • Always use your septic tank within its limits
  • Do not pour harsh chemicals down drains, especially phosphorous, which promotes algae growth
  • Consider using low-flow toilets to conserve water
  • Pump your septic tank at least once every three years – ideally in the spring months in preparation for the summer
  • Place your septic tank where there will be no parked cars above
  • Consider a water filtration system if you don’t currently have one. Imagine drinking safe, pure water right from every tap! Not to mention no more lugging heavy cases of nasty plastic bottles or jugs.
  • Want to extend your cottage season into the winter with running water? Talk to us about heated lines.

For all your cottage plumbing needs this summer and throughout the year, count on a trusted name like Harris Plumbing Inc.

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